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Game of Thrones: Kissed by Fire [Review]

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The night is dark, and full of terrors, “Kissed by Fire” is not.


It was plot heavy, and action light.  Only three deaths, well four, but only three stuck.  Sometimes, after a sprint, you have to rest, and before you can destroy anything, it has to be built.  This is pouring of the foundation that the season finale will be built upon.  Unfortunately, it was about as entertaining as watching an actual foundation being poured.  I’m sorry, that was just my disappointment speaking from its elevated expectations from the past two episodes.

If you missed this episode, not to worry, a synopsis will do.  It was interesting, but so plot heavy I am having a hard time remembering what happened, it’s a good thing I wrote it down.  I’m not displeased, but I am a little disappointed.  It was entertaining, but in a very low-key way.  I guess it was good, but comparatively speaking, it was the weakest episode of Game of Thrones we have seen yet.

Dondarrion fights The Hound with a flaming sword and loses, but is resurrected.

Jon tells the wildling army about the Wall’s defenses.  Ygritte steals Jon’s sword, and makes him chase her into a cave where she attacks him, brutally, but Jon rises to the challenge.

The Hound demands the gold The Brotherhood took from him, they deny it and send him on his way, judged innocent of murder.

Jaime and Brienne arrive at Harrenhal, Jaime’s wounds are tended to, and his stump is very infected.

Baelish and Cersei talk about the Tyrells, she asks Balish to look into their interests.  Lady Olenna meets with Tyrion to discuss the cost of the wedding.  I think Tyrion likes her.

Gendry decides to stay on with The Brotherhood.  Arya isn’t happy about it.

The Lannister boys are killed in the dungeons of Riverrun by Rickard Karstark.  Robb is pissed about that, beheads Karstark for betraying him.

Dondarrion tells Arya how is has been resurrected, numerous times. Arya asks if they could bring back her father, pretty sure she knows they couldn’t.

Stannis visits his wife, in her chambers, where he admits to breaking a vow.  His wife already knows about him and the red lady.  She is happy about it.  She also has a nice collection of preserved babies.  pickled babiesI’m almost checked out at this point.  I took a break here to get another drink.  When I got back, Stannis asks to see his daughter.  His daughter seems pretty naive about everything that’s going on.  She may be the only sane member of that family left alive.

Jaime and Brienne take a bath.  I’m pretty glad to see these two still together.  Jaime tells her about his nickname.  He killed the king, to save the city.  The Mad King was ready to order the city burned.  We finally see that the name Kingslayer really bothers him.  I love the chemistry Gwendoline Christie and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau have, I hope they have more time together in upcoming episodes.  [I haven’t read this far in the books, so right now I have a happy place where these to run off and have many adventures together as they bicker and fight.]

Stannis’ daughter visits Davos in the dungeons.  She starts teaching him how to read.

Daenerys has her army chose their own commanders, while Jorah Mormont and Barristan Selmy discuss the politics of running a kingdom and the past kings.

Robb realizes his forces are falling apart, so he decides to attack Casterly Rock.  What could possibly go wrong with that plan, he only needs help from the family of the woman he was supposed to marry before he decided not to.

Baelish discovers Sansa is engaged to Ser Loras, so he intervenes.

Tyrion meets with Tywin and Cersei, they tell him Sansa is engaged to Ser Loras, they believe the Tyrells are plotting against the crown.  They have decided that Tyrion will marry Sansa Stark, and Cersei will marry Ser Loras Tyrell.  They are both pretty upset about this, but I don’t see any possible way this could backfire on Tywin.

Things can’t always be action packed, although I was hoping for something a little more after last week.  Skip this one, if you haven’t already.  If you read this, far you know what happened.  You may be missing some good performances, and I don’t want to dismiss this one, it was interesting, but dull.  Watch it when you can watch a few back to back, it will make a very good resting point between events.

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