Futurama Won’t Be Recasted After All!

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I think I speak for all us here at MWN Headquarters* when I say that were worried when we heard that Futurama might be getting recast in light of it’s upcoming revival on Comedy Central. After all, Billy West voices Fry, Zoidberg, Farnsworth and Zapp Brannigan as well as some minor characters. Add to the fact that we’d lose John DiMaggio as Bender and Katey Sagal as Lila and Futurama just wouldn’t be the same. Well good news everyone, the disputes with FOX have been settled and all of the original cast will be returning for the new season of Futurama. So we can stop worrying now and enjoy new Futurama next year! Hopefully Futurama could use this as a ploy for a bodysnatchers like episode of Futurama or something.

*may not actually exist

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