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Full Version of Desktop Dungeons Now Available for Preorder; Looks Smangtastic

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Can you feel it? That creeping feeling? The feeling that you only just got over being horribly addicted to Desktop Dungeons and soon, far too soon, there will be a shiny, new version of it. Can you see it waiting just on the horizon like some kind of mean bird, eager to get it’s meaty talons into you and never let you go?

If you haven’t heard of Desktop Dungeons, some pretentious D-bag on this site wrote about it a while ago. It’s a great premise, and I can’t wait to see how much QCF Design will be able to with it as a full title. If you’re already enjoying the freeware version of the game, don’t worry; it’s not going anywhere, but if you want updates to the balance of the game, including improved dungeon generation, retooled glyphs and gods, and the metric butt-ton of content that QCF are promising (not to mention the great new look pictured above), you’ll have to shell out for the full version.

A Steam release is planned, but don’t let that scare you away from preordering. Steam is always good about hooking people up with copies of preordered games. Oh, and just in case you thought you would be safe from the clutches of Desktop Dungeons while away from your computer, iPhone and Android versions of DD are in the works as well.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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