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Full Moon Available Now on Viz Anime and Hulu

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You guys may give me some crap for being a fan of shoujo anime (usually for the teenage girls), but I refuse to listen. Some of the finest series in existence were shoujo by nature and I will not let you defame this genre of anime.

For a quick example of what you can consider GOOD shoujo anime, there’s Fushigi Yuugi, Vampire Princess Miyu, Magic Knight Rayearth, and the X series. Well, starting today, you can get your fill of Viz’s new offering “Full Moon” right on their site, Viz Anime.

If you don’t feel like going there, you can go to Hulu and watch it there as well. You’ll be able to watch the first five episodes of the show RIGHT NOW, with two new episodes added to the series each Friday.

As for what you can expect from Full Moon, it’s a sappy and bittersweet story of a girl, Mitsuki Koyama, who had aspirations of becoming a singing idol but with the malignant tumor in her throat, that’s pretty damn hard to do. So one day two death spirits visit her in her room (you know, like how all supernatural anime stories begin) and tell her that she’s going to die in one year’s time. With the spirits’ help, she gains the ability to sing and begins to search out the love she lost when she was 10…yes 10 years old. It’s puppy love.

Quit snickering at me! I love stories like this! Anyways, there are 52 episodes total, so we can expect a good half year of new episodes every Friday on Viz Anime. Check it out.

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