Friday Flash 16/01/08

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After a short hiatus Friday Flash is back with a selection of games both new and old that I’ve been using to fuel my laziness and suppress my boredom this week.

Music Catch

Music Catch is a fantastically simple game. Avoid the red dots, collect the green to score points and collect yellow to increase your multiplier. The thing that sets this game apart from the rest is the music. The game seamlessly combines the tempo, rhythm and style of the music with the gameplay.


Pushies is probably one of the simplest games featured, The entire aim is to not get pushed off the screen by moving up, down, left and right. The addictive part of this is just trying to get that little bit farther each time.


Threesome is a logic based puzzle game, that starts off simply but quickly progresses in difficulty and scope. The aim is to get your three cute little guys onto the three targets through manipulation of all the doors and switches. (You have no idea how much trouble I had getting an image for this that wasn’t porn.)


Scriball is a great little game where you have to guide a ball to a goal using only a single line that you draw with the mouse. The game gets exceedingly hard at later levels, especially when the ball is made bouncier and you have to collect a bunch of blue balls to open up the goal point.

Once again if you have any games you have enjoyed playing this week let me know at Gandysampras AT Mediawhorenetwork DOT com

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