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Fox Threatens Aereo

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In a tale straight out of the what the hell column, Fox has threatened to pull their eponymous over-the-air channel due to the threat from a company called Aereo.


News Corp, an arguably evil corporation according to this bloggist (I’m the one with the keyboard, hate away bitches), has threatened to pull Fox off the airwaves and make it into a paid subscription all because Aereo wants to allow mobile users to watch broadcast television on the go.

So far, the service is only available in New York and has been fighting a prolonged battle versus multiple major media groups who have been claiming the service is ‘stealing’ their signals. Aereo works by allowing over the Internet streams of live and time-shifted television. We’re talking over-the-air television, not cable, not premium channels, not porn, but the normal broadcast television that people aren’t paying that much attention to anyways.

Fox, being butthurt over potentially getting more viewers and in turn more advertising dollars or even *GASP* more sales of box sets of series doesn’t like the fact that a company is taking free signals and rebroadcasting them.

The only hangup that I can see about Aereo and quite possibly the only complaint that would be valid to Fox and others who have a problem with the service is that Aereo isn’t free, but a daily/monthly/yearly subscription. Don’t think I’ve made Fox’s case here though, the way Aereo works is that your payment will lease you a remote antenna that is managed by Aereo at their data center.

I for one see this as the start of the death knell of cable television as services work harder at becoming Internet based and cloud subscription services, however I’m not holding my breath at Fox becoming a subscription here in Utah…I don’t really need to see 3rd rate news, reruns of M*A*S*H and more American Idol. The only thing Fox has that I’d gladly pay for is Bob’s Burgers, but that’s another story entirely.

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