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Fox Gains ‘Escape From New York’ Rights

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escape from new york

Yes, you can now assume Escape from New York will join the other 80’s remakes that have been coming out lately. In case you didn’t know, Escape from New York is a future dystopian movie where New York City is now a maximum security prison. Snake Plissken, eye patch wearing, bad-ass extraordinaire has been enlisted to save the President of the United States. You see, the President’s plane has crashed in the city. Except the catch for Plissken is he has a bomb attached to himself that will detonate if he doesn’t rescue the president by a certain time. The original was released by Avco Embassy and the rights were owned by Studiocanal. This is fairly interesting since, Boom! Studios has put out a new comic run based on the ending of Escape from New York, you can read my review of the first issue here.

John Carpenter, the original film’s director, will executive produce and have some creative control over the project. So, we can only hope that he can influence this project to really make it great. If we can get Kurt Russell doing something as well, I’ll be happy. In case you didn’t know Plissken as a character is essentially Kurt Russell’s baby. He takes a tremendous pride in the character, even going as much as to say that it should only be played by an American if Plissken was re-cast.

Nobody else has been attacked in any capacity for the Escape from New York remake. So we want you to let us know, who do you think should take the helm of this? Who is worthy of donning the eye patch and HOPEFULLY, Camo pants with shin guard boots.

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