For Your Listening Pleasure: Remanufacture

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As you might be able to tell from my last FYLP, I am a big fan of remixes. I love hearing other people take on a song, I love hearing how a song can evolve into something else, I just love everything about a good remix. But this certainly doesn’t stop at rap/hip-hop remixes. Any genre of song is susceptible to the remix, and one of the most interesting genres of music to be remixed is metal. Metal is very straight forward, and usually one can’t imagine metal being anything but metal, which is why I applaud Fear Factory for putting out a very different, very original remix album.

Remanufacture is the follow up, and reinterpretation of, Fear Factory’s 2nd studio album, Demanufacture. It’s remixed by Fear Factory themselves, so it’s not unofficial, and it sounds like Fear Factory made it too. Fear Factory have always added a tinge of electronica to their music, and they go no-holds-barred in Remanufacture. Don’t get me wrong, this is still a metal album, but so much techno is infused in every inch of every song that it redefines what a metal album can be. I’ll admit, not every song flows together as well as the others, but most of the time you will be dancing to the electronic beat just as much as you will be banging your head.

Songs to listen for: “Remanufacture”, “Cloning Technology”, and “T-1000”

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