Alan Smithee

First Look At Captain America

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Well it’s finally here, a picture of Chris Evans suited up as Cap himself. We now get to see what the costume designers were talking about when they released a description of the outfit some time ago. I have to say that I REALLY REALLY like it.

Perhaps the most important thing is that it doesn’t look like the usual mesh/scale suit that Captain America wears, but more of realistic and practical outfit that might actually exist during World War II. My only gripe, if I were to have one, is that the shield he’s carrying looks a bit too small for my liking…then again we don’t get a great view of it in the picture that we snagged from EW.

Regardless, the hopes of Marvel’s movie future ride on the shoulders of this and Thor. I sincerely think that there will be a hard sell in the Avengers movie future if these two don’t kick ass.

Also, WTF is up with the giant baddies in the background?!?

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