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First Details for Fallout: New Vegas

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man, what I'd give to be a resident in the post apocalyptic future

We’ve got details and trust me, you’ll want to hear them if you’re a fan of the Fallout series.

If you caught the trailer for the game the other day, you’re already on the same page as most of us here at MediaWhoreNetwork and are probably eagerly anticipating the newest iteration from Bethesda. Well, without further adieu, here’s the details we snagged from PC Gamer.

  • Optional Hardcore Mode that means you’ll actually be forced to drink water and have gradual healing instead of instant healing from stimpaks.
  • The storyline is New California Republic (seen in the trailer) vs New Vegas Residents vs Caesar’s Legion.
  • Your character is not actually a vault dweller who goes out into the world, but you’ll have a Pip-Boy thanks to it being given to you by one.
  • Special VATS melee attacks.
  • Hoover Dam still exists and is the reasoning for the abundant electricity.
  • Geckos are back.
  • More intelligent super mutants this time around and some with varied looks besides the swollen and green ones.
  • NCR’s base is McCarran Airport. (doesn’t make sense really since it’s right in the middle of the fucking city)
  • Caesar’s Legion’s base is on the Vegas Strip.
  • Super Mutants are all coming from ‘Black Mountain’.
  • Two towns confirmed: Fremont (guess what street it’s on) and Primm (haven’t figured this one out yet) but there’s promise of titties there.
  • Skills have stronger emphasis this time around on what dialog trees are opened to your character.
  • Reputation system being implemented in addition to the Karma system.
  • I don’t think I’ll be playing it in hardcore mode. I like realism in games, but that’s just silly.

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