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Firefly: Still Flying, Book Review

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Any Firefly fan of note should know about this book, if you’re a Browncoat wearing, Jayne knitted hat wearing fan of the show this is a definite add to your collection. This 160 page compilation of 4 new short stories, behind the scenes pictures, Prop pictures, even a in dept look at the costuming compliment the blurbs each charactor/actor gets. Coming from Titan Books, will it have a definite place sitting on your coffee table?

First off, I do have some gripes with the book that I want to get out of the way. Every character gets their own little chapter, I thought we would be getting interviews or some kind of overviews in these sections. What you get are clippings of interviews or statements they’ve made from various media outlets over the years. While it was a nice complication I guess I was expecting more. With that out of the way, I want to move on to what really makes this book great.

The 3 short stories, and 1 two panel comic were my favorite parts of the book. Fun with Dick and Jayne written and drawn by Ben Edlund, What Holds Us Down by Jane Espenson, Crystal by Brett Matthews, and Take the Sky by Jose Molina were all excellently done. I have to say though, my favorite was What Holds us Down. It may, or may not be because of my love for Kayli. Maybe. These were all fun reads, and I wish we could have seen them expanded in some capacity. Though all of us Firefly fans wish for that with ANYTHING Firefly related.

Another fun read was the kidnapping of a screeching monkey toy that belonged to the props guy on the show. A certain cast member had stolen it, held it for ransom, sent pictures of it taped to a chair, and even mailed the poor prop guy one of it’s severed toes. The monkey managed to escape, and sent pictures of it returning home on a cross country trip. It was pretty hilarious, and hows the great bond cast and crew seemed to have. We get to see the actual pictures and ransom notes, severed toe, it’s a great little peak into a fun and sophisticated joke well played by both sides.

For you artsy people, the costuming chapters will definitely have you intrigued, as will looking at all the cool props, pictures, and designs of the various ships in the ‘verse. The article from the guy who did stand ins for Mal and Jane (for lighting purposes and such) was great, as were the photos he contributed. Overall this is a excellent read that really leaves you longing for the show to pickup where it left off.

Only if you are a fan of Firefly, I’m going to flat out say that this is a great purchase, go to Amazon.com, and buy it now. Everyone else, watch the 1 season/whole series, then buy it. Yes, you’ll be a little sad remembering how great the show was, but the pictures and little things you learn make up for it.

19.95/19.95 Purchasing score.

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