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Feathers #1: Second to the Right. Wait, Wrong Flying Boy.

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Feathers #1 is an all-ages adventure for fans of Peter Pan or fairy tales.

Feathers #1


WRITER: Jorge Corona
ARTIST: Jorge Coelho
RELEASE DATE: January 7, 2015

Try Feathers #1 for a for a dark and quirky modern fairy tale.

Poe is a young boy living in “The Maze” – a sprawling mass of slums surrounding “The City” – which is full of overenthusiastic guards, creepy child kidnappers, and a gang of boys reminiscent of Peter Pan’s Lost Boys. But Poe isn’t just your average lower class kid: he’s covered head to toe in black feathers.

In Feathers #1, we’re introduced to Poe by two yet to be seen narrators who leave us intrigued and a little confused and uneasy. We then meet Gabriel, Poe’s adoptive father, who Poe sneaks away from during the day. One of these days out and about he meets Bianca, a girl from The City who just wants to explore.

I was originally drawn to this comic because of how much the cover reminded me of Peter Pan – of whom I am a huge fan. Poe ended up being only similar to him in that he can fly and there’s a group of young boys in the same area comparable to the Lost Boys. That’s not to say I was disappointed. I wasn’t. The story is fun, and a lot like a good fairy tale.

The artwork is wonderfully done and colored. The world and its characters are introduced beautifully. Poe is just dark and strange enough to put you off, but so full of life and smiles to make you want to be his friend. The artwork is somewhere in the middle of beautiful and strange – two (sort of) opposites that work perfectly in Feathers #1.

If you’re in the mood for an all-ages adventure somewhat reminiscent of Peter Pan, Feathers #1 is for you. While it may not be as dark as Grimm’s Fairy Tales (nothing is chopped off and no one dies), it’s a little darker than your average tale (I mean, child kidnapper, anyone?). Definitely a fun ride if a little weird and confusing at the beginning.

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