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Fantasy Nerd Book Review: Brotherhood of Dwarves

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Dwarves are usually the secondary characters regulated to some form of sidekick status to a human or elven hero. Aside from the Hobbit (though it’s Bilbo’s story really) I haven’t read a book that had a focus on the dwarven race. This book was exactly what I was looking for, short, sweet, full of action and more importantly dwariffic. The Brotherhood of Dwarves is just damn fun to read.

Roskin is the heir to a remote kingdom that has known peace for so long they’re more artsy than their battle hardened kin to the south. This story is about him leaving his kingdom on order by his father to find some inner peace for a year, then come back to assume his duties. So this half dwarf, half wild elf decides that getting the crap beat out of him, enslavement, nearly getting killed numerous times and getting a whole bunch of newly made friends killed or maimed in the process of trying to attain a legend of glory was a much better route to take instead. All just to get his hands on a statue.

D.A. Adams puts together a story that I found myself reading from start to finish in less than a day (Ok, I read for a long stretch after the kids went to bed). While it isn’t incredibly long the amount that he was able to pack in there was beautifully done and perfect for people like me that don’t have a ton of time and want to read a book that doesn’t take weeks. (I’m looking at you Dune.) Adams even put in a human character that by all means the reader should have detested or would have been someone to hate in other fantasy stories and broke him down to a point where you could only find yourself giving him a mental nod in the end that while he’s done some bad stuff, you kinda forgive him in a way.

That’s just being a damn good storyteller.

Thankfully, Adams has two more books in the series (Red Sky at Dawn, The Fall of Dorkun) that look to be more of what he delivered in this book, short, sweet and full of Dwarves kicking ass. I can’t wait to dive in deeper into this world he created.

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