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Falling Skies – Sneak Peek

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Who knew that Steven Spielberg was actually making a new television series? I sure didn’t.

The video below was shown to the crowd at WonderCon recently, and has only recently (in the last 24 hours) been easily accessible by guys like us. In the clip we get to see the dark territory that Sr. Spielberg has planned on taking us with this new TNT series.

I’m sold on watching at least the first few episodes with just the beginning segment of the kids of the world telling us how the aliens came and destroyed humanity, but then swapping over to a scene that is eerily reminiscent of the opening credits to the first Terminator movie.

It’s taking two of my favorite genres and smashing them together. I mean honestly, who doesn’t love post apocalyptic stories laced with alien invasion sci-fi?

The show will be arriving on TNT this June 19th. Expect weekly reviews right here on WPR.

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