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Falling Skies Season 2 is Still Entertaining

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That’s the key word here, Entertaining.

I wanted to wait until I watched at least the first 4 episodes of the second season before I weighed in on my thoughts. Part of the reason for that is because of how the first season ended on a total random, out of the ball park place for me. Remember, this is one of the two shows that Steven Spielberg put his weight behind, the other is the cancelled Terra Nova. 1 out of 2 isn’t bad Mr. Spielberg. Next, you have to take into account that this is really the only sci-fi/post apoc show you can watch on TV right now, or really at any point of this year. Yes, there is that Revolution show coming on NBC or whatnot but it hasn’t come out yet.

4 Episodes into the second season of Falling Skies has left me with mixed feelings still. Mostly because of the last episode, which was hopefully that one episode you get in the season where yeah something happened, but overall it was a forgettable episode. This season started out with Tom revealing what the hell happened to him (in a way) on the Alien Spaceship that he walked onto with the tall overlord alien dude. Basically the alien overlord says they’re going to eradicate all the humans, but will accept that Tom and the 2nd mass can live in a sanctuary. Which to mean seemed like the aliens would make a game reserve for humans. Aliens can drive buy in their cars to snap pictures at us while we walk around scratching our balls and having sex in the bushes. Naturally Tom decided this wasn’t the best route for humanity and picked up a giant stick and electrocuted the Overlord.

In the Face.

Weirdly, Tom is released with some other Humans, who all get killed in front of him by a Mech. Tom realizes he’s in Michigan and has to do some cross country traveling to find the 2nd Mass. Naturally, he finds a motorcycle after saving a girl from a hijacker. Magically find the 2nd Mass, and gets shot by his own son in the process. Which leads me to one of the things that are bugging me about this seasons. I don’t like his kids. Ben is the one who had a harness on his back, got it removed, and now is a super soldier who hates Skitters with all his heart. He’s now SO EMO, with his weird sad face he keeps getting around the one eyed skitter leader thing. His brother Hal has sexual frustrations and wants to sleep with that girl, but for some reason decides that being in the Friend Zone when the whole world is turned upside down and you don’t really have any competition is a better route to take to Blueballsville. Matt who wasn’t too bad in season 1 is kind of annoying so far, especially with the stupid decisions he made in the last episode. I was hoping the little shit got harnessed.

Thankfully the writers seemed to have dropped the “Tom has something historical to say this episode!” bit, we’re not getting shoved down our throats that Tom is a former History teacher turned military leader of awesome. Pope, who seemed like the only guy worth liking in the first season has been a big non factor this time around. Apparently him being a dick could only be tolerated for so long. We all know he’ll be back, it’s his nature to just make things miserable for the 2nd Mass, whether he’s trying to or not.

All that whining aside, I’m still enjoying the heck out of this show. Mind you, I Love Post Apoc and Sci-Fi, so alien invasion leading to humanity fighting to just survive the day is right up my alley. The story this season is a lot darker and grittier, more desperate. Now that the 2nd Mass is on the run, moving from place to place, scraping by. It’s more like a everyone has realized that hey, we’re short on time, lets just stop screwing around and get down to business. Maybe it’s the fact that in three weeks we’ve had 4 episodes our of the 10 allotted for the season. Yes, 10 episodes, which I think is perfect. With a short episode frame you get story and character over 22 episodes of freak of the week/guess what wacky thing happens this week BS that most shows seem to fall into on basic cable. This is why NBC, ABC and FOX are losing ground to the cable networks. If this was on their channels, it’d be stretched out and toyed with in a way that would have made Falling Skies in the same realm of Terra Nova, canceled after 1 season.

TNT proclaims that they know drama, I don’t know about that, but I will say they know Sci-fi Post Apoc Alien invasion.

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