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Falling Skies: Molon Labe Recap

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With three more episodes to go in the second season, a bunch of stuff happened this past week in the episode titled Molon Labe. Also, Ben is a dumbass.

If you haven’t watched the seventh episode of this second season, I suggest you go read our Axe Cop review instead.

OK, are all the other people out now? Can I say it? Can I just say one thing?


I really didn’t see that coming, when the first one shot out of his mouth I honestly shot back in my seat a little. I thought the dude was dieing, not having his whole insides being populated with tiny alien killers that can eat/slice through metal. I’ll have to hand it to the writers that they really took my by surprise on that one, and I want to thank them. Mostly because there have been too many episodes this season (2 on my count, but 2 out of 7 episodes is a high number) where I could call the whole plot in the first 5 minutes. Ben being betrayed by Karen within 10 minutes of them getting away from the 2nd Mass? I saw that coming, the Overlord alien (I like it when they call him a fish-head, thanks Pope.) being captured I didn’t think would happen. Apparently the alien army has serious issues guarding someone of such high status because Tom Mason practically fell into him. Of course the Mechs and Skitters stop attacking the assault group trying to get Ben back. Don’t hurt the dear leader!

Well, not so dear. The Overlord takes over Ben’s spikes, nearly kills him, and spills some more beans on WTF they are trying to do on Earth. Which is apparently help humanity somehow and move onto the next planet? Yeah. That confused me too. When the Overlord tells Tom that humans are too sentimental, Tom shows how can we also be “Oh hey, I have a gun and now I’ll shoot your ass.” I did a little raised fist for Tom when he shot and almost killed the Overlord, the damn thing had it coming. At least they were able to use the dieing Overlord as a strategic tactic to get away from the Alien Army that had them pinned in by Karen. How the hell did she become the leader, because he Master was the Overlord? I hope she dies.

The 2nd Mass is on the move once again, this time non stop to Charleston, South Carolina. Where I loved when Pope chimed in “Where stripclubs are made of gingerbread” when everyone is talking about how apparently awesome it’s going to be there. I have a feeling they’re going to find a giant crater, just a feeling. Can’t wait to find out.

Here is a preview of the 8th episode “Death March” that comes back on August 5th, when the London 2012 Olympics is over.

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