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Falling Skies: “Love and Other Acts of Courage” Episode Review

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We’re at the halfway point for this second season of Falling Skies with the fifth episode airing this past Sunday, Red Eye skitter reveals his plans to Tom and the 2nd Mass, but are they listening?


Love and Other Acts of Courage has kept the ball rolling after the slight stutter that was the previous episode this season. Rick is back. You know, that OTHER kid that they took the harness off that isn’t Ben, but betrayed the 2nd Mass, running back to the skitters to betray the humans. If I remember right, the Skitters/Overlords told Rick they didn’t want him back, and just left him for dead. Which is funny since well, he died at the end of the episode.

Lets skirt around with one of the subplots that circled the main thread of the episode, and that is the developing relationship of Hal and Maggie. First, they’re smoozing it up in the back seat of a car hiding from patrolling Mechs. Hal lays on the charm by telling stories of how he used to score in his first car with this one girl, you know, before everything went to shit. Weirdly, Maggie seems turned on? My life experiences say things happen differently, but I guess when it’s slim pickings in a post apoc alien invasion world you overlook some things like the guy talking about banging his ex-girlfriend. Their patrol finds an abandoned hospital that not only has clean sheets(!) but a pharmacy that seems rather untouched, touchdown, they’re heroes! Maggie doesn’t enter the hospital though, talking about how she doesn’t like them, we find out she had brain tumors and 3 operations, she’d already accepted death once before, so she doesn’t fear it now. Which is totally hot because they make out afterwards. Probably feeling awkward from death making out session, Maggie gets weird-ed out and wants nothing to do with Hal, just wanting to be friends, bla bla bla. Mechs find them, Maggie crashes the bike, Hal saves her, Maggie almost dies, and their little sideplot ends with them holding hands in the hospital, because nobody saw that coming.

Alright, lets get to the nitty gritty. Skitters apparently have been under the enslavement of the Overlords for some 150 years, have tried resistance numerous times because some can get around the harness mind control, but all efforts have failed. Red-Eye skitter uses Rick to tell Tom that the Skitters that aren’t under the Overlords control want to join forces with the 2nd Mass. I know, crazy shit huh? Ben is all for this, dropping all of his previous “DAW I HATE THEM SKITTERS!” act that has served him all season long and was ready to throw himself in front of any bullets intended for dear old Red-Eye that the humans were ready to toss at the skitter resistance leader. Is it the truth? Who knows, Tom seems keen on the idea, but really, I doubt unless the so called Skitter resistance did something batshit crazy to save the 2nd Mass nobody is going to trust them. There is no way Tom is going to be able to convince anybody besides Ben that joining forces with whatever this Skitter resistance is, so it will be interesting to see how things unfold in that direction, if it’s taken.

Personally, I want to see the Skitter/2nd Mass mash-up of forces, just because, well, it’s 1) so crazy it just might work and 2) It’s so crazy it just might work. What other options do they have? Nothing works, they can’t settle long enough to even build the Mech buster bullets anymore, eventually the Overlords will just drive and exhaust the humans to extinction. Humanity needs it’s weird, ugly sidekick to fight this battle, and it’s the Skitter resistance.

OH, and at the very end, when the whole 2nd mass is now in the hospital that was found at the beginning of the episode, the lights get turned on, Tom and Dr. Glass joke about how many rooms there are, go in one, and you know EXACTLY what is about to happen. Go Tom Mason, you sly dog you.

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