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Falling Skies: ‘Badlands’ Review

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Creepy Baby sure is Creepy.


Spoilers Ahoy

It’s a little bit early in the season to already be tugging at our heartstrings, isn’t it? ‘Badlands’ is a very good setup episode for what is about to happen next. The alien invaders are royally pissed, Charleston is on edge and waiting for the eminent attack. We start off with Matt, and that rocking post apoc mohawk of his running through the perimeter where the 2nd Mas is burrowing in for an attack. When Crazy Lee, (that lady in Pope’s Berserkers) goes to take a piss, she’s caught in sniper fire.

Human, Sniper Fire.

Turns out, the 2nd Mass/Charleston is attack from a group of humans that are still hell bent on killing all aliens. Oh, and backed by who they say is the “real” president. Time for a runoff election! I kid, I kid. Ok, you know that this is going to make some heads start butting. They had to know that they would run into another group of survivors that had been able to thrive. Everyone wants to be President of the New United States. Hell, I’m sure that there are probably 30-50 New United States with their own presidents fighting the alien invaders, all thinking they’re alone. Now, I just blew my own mind.

Falling-Skies-3x03-BadlandsI’ll try to stop with the spoilers now, but everything I said before was within the first few minutes. It’s interesting watching Pope deal with Crazy Lee being hurt, and as the episode progresses, we get to see a side of Pope that is pretty rare, but very raw, emotional and makes you feel sorry for the guy. It was interesting how Matt remained at Pope’s side, while I don’t think Matt would split from his dad. Pope is surly to start looking at the kid with more respect. Hal is borderline losing it, Karen has his head really messed up. It doesn’t seem he’s the mole, since he’s always away fighting or apparently with groups when we keep getting the little “who is it” scenes of betrayal. I personally think it’s Tom’s assistant. Or the baby.

Yes, I think the baby is the mole. Didn’t I mention earlier that Creepy baby sure is creepy? Just wait until the very end of the episode. Where you want to cry and then the crap hits the fan.

Badlands is a very heartfelt episode where Tom is trying to come to full terms of what exactly are they trying to accomplish, and if they’re doing it the right way. Time will tell, but now that it appears Charleston may be in for a big fight from multiple fronts, it’ll be a surprise if they even end up staying in the city anymore.

‘Badlands’ premiers Sunday, June 16th on TNT. Make sure you check it out.

Reviewer was supplied with advance screener for this episode by TNT

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