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Falling Skies is back with Season 4 Premier episode “Ghost in the Machine” – so why do we feel bad?

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Halfway through the premier episode Ghost in the Machine, I sent a text to Brian, one of our WPR writers.

“Man, this show got a little weird.”

Falling Skies - Episode 4.01 - Ghost In The Machine

Falling Skies is going through a big of reinvention. This obviously isn’t the same show that took a hold of me during the first two seasons. Season three was a bit of a downward slide and Season 4 seems to just want to keep us going down that slippery slope. Apparently, the Espheni loved Tom’s history lessons so much, they did some research of their own. Re-creating essentially the most modern day oppressive/destructive societal structures.

Nazi Germany.

Yes, Falling Skies “Ghost in the machine” is now a full on three story-line, broken up 2nd Mass. One of fenced in Ghettos, an as even Matt Mason admitted “Nazi Style Re-Education Camps” for children, and a hippy peace conclave run by a rapidly aging Alexis. The re-education camp included campy re-education videos of Espheni holding hands with people and overly being shown as good guys. The hippy conclave with everyone in almost literal hippy attire, the three people touching Ben Mason, newly awoken from a coma, trying to guide him away peacefully as he keeps asking “WTF IS GOING ON ALEXIS/MAGGIE!?” was just, terrible, the acting in that scene was terrible. Ugh. Oh, and Tom Mason became a world super motocross/urban motorcycle champion. I guess that after becoming a horse-riding master in Season 3, motorbikes was easy. To ride through dilapidated city streets/buildings while being chased by Skitters, doing jumps and crazy stunts is Tom just being more than a former history teacher.

The biggest punch in the face is that the Volm left Earth almost immediately after last season ended. Yes, the whole build-up of the entire 3rd season was wiped away in a two minute scene of explanation. The Volm had to fight the Espheni on a more important front (their own brood and larva were under threat, thus their own extinction) So, Cochise, who is still around in the Volms very small pockets of “observers” tells Tom that Humanity is essentially F’d. We do get a glimpse about what is happening outside of the East Coast, Cochise telling Tom that the Ghetto’s are world-wide. So much for the Brazil human relocation program of Season Three.

So, we’re stuck with a new three pronged story-line to see where they will link up into the main story arc that will be this season. None of them grab me as exciting after the season premier episode. I’m seriously only giving Falling Skies three episodes to keep my attention. While the concept and characters are right up my geek alley, I don’t know if I can go along with this retooling of the show. It feels like a weird Original Star Trek episode where they just used the token “NAZI’S ARE BAD! LOOK ALIEN NAZI’S!” to try and make us lock on a certain target (Espheni) as the bad guys.

It’s almost insulting.

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