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Fairy Quest Outcasts #1: Little Red Riding YES

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Fairy Quest Outcasts #1 from BOOM! Studios takes some well-known fairy tale characters and turns them on their head–and it is awesome.

Fairy Quest Outcasts #1


WRITER: Paul Jenkins
ARTIST: Humberto Ramos, Victor Olazaba
COLORIST: Leonardo Olea
LETTERER: Jim Campbell
RELEASE DATE: November 5, 2014

Want to follow along with the happenings in Fablewood? Pick up Fairy Quest Outcasts #1 and Fairy Quest Outcasts #2.

The Fairy Quest comics are pretty popular, but I hadn’t read any of them. When I decided to check out Fairy Quest Outcasts #1 (after having read and LOVED Fiction Squad #1 from Paul Jenkins and BOOM!, which is set in the same world – Fablewood), I was a little worried I wouldn’t get what was going on. I shouldn’t have been worried; I really liked this comic.

Little Red Riding Hood (Red) and the Big Bag Wolf (Mr. Wolf) are on the run from Mr. Grimm and the Think Police (this was one area where I do wish I’d read the other Fairy Quest comics) and they enter the Dark Forest in an attempt to get away. On the run, they come across a castle tower where Punzel lives. Get ready to turn any Disney-fied expectations on their head and let the craziness begin!

Similar to what happened in Fiction Squad, none of the fairy tales and all their characters are quite who we thought they were. Red and Wolf are on the same team running from Mr. Grimm. Punzel is a nutjob. Sleepy Beauty is getting old. It’s wonderful. I am a big fan of anything that takes something well-known and darkens it up a bit.

The artwork is phenomenal. Dark colors when you need it, pastels when you need light. It’s cutesy – there’s lots of big eyes and silly expressions – without being too much like a cartoon. I will say that occasionally the expression on a character’s face didn’t quite match up to what was happening in the scene or there wasn’t really an expression at all. But overall, I loved the artwork so much that I didn’t care.

It’s becoming pretty clear to me that I need to check out the other comics set in Fablewood and pretty much anything Paul Jenkins has written or Humberto Ramos has drawn. If it wasn’t obvious from my review, I’d definitely recommend this one. I don’t think you need to read the other Fairy Quest comics to understand this new line, but I doubt it’d hurt to catch up on the whole series.

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