End Season Roundtable: V Season One

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12 episodes have come and gone and we now have the first season of the new V series in the books. I had never seen the old series, but hope to someday soon. Being a LOST fan I was excited to see Juliet do something new, and the girl that played Supergirl in Smallville was coming into the show as well, so I thought it had potential.

Basically what I got from the first 12 episodes is a really cool idea, with decent effects and some cool stories, but some lame ones as well. Overall it’s a decent show and I’m glad they’ve been picked up for another season. It does feel like it’s lagging a bit considering they’re going to have to do a lot more in the episodes to make it worthwhile later on.

Considering the idea that currently it’s a couple of rebels versus 26 giant ships which dwarf all the major cities of earth plus even more in orbit they’re going to have to do some amazing stuff in the second season. Especially if they want to make it even remotely believable that the humans stand any sort of chance.

When the DVD does comes out, the people who like sci-fi may want to give this one a shot, but other then them I’d say wait until people start talking about the second season and if the show is getting any better. If it makes a significant leap I can see it being a pretty big show. If not, I expect it to be cancelled at the end of it’s second season.

With Lost leaving, ABC may want to hold onto V for a little while longer. The last episode of the 12th season did have a very good cliffhanger so that is one of the best things going for it.

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