End Season Roundtable: The Office Season 6

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If you’re still watching The Office you’ll continue to watch it from here on out, that’s probably a given. This season had some fun moments but in terms of all the seasons so far it was one of the weakest. The show started off slow, and then began to build into it’s own entity, separate from the far superior British version, into it’s own show. But now as the seasons wear on, so does the ability for the show to go anywhere.

It’s become a little unbelievable that these incredibly charismatic characters are still working in the same office building, that they have no friends outside of the office. It’s a funny show which is stuck in it’s own office building. With no where to go the laughs will still be there because they have excellent writers, but the gaps are slowly going to become bigger and bigger. One thing that has helped the show is for the writers and actors to go on to do other things when they’re not working on The Office. Probably the other best thing of the season was the delightful new receptionist Erin played by Ellie Kemper. She debuted in season 5 but did most of her stuff in season 6. She is sweet and delightful and brings a much needed charm to the show. Overall it was an okay season, the show will continue to do well until someone decides to finally pull the plug. I’ll keep watching it as long as it’s on, but I doubt it’ll get any better.

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