End Season Roundtable: Parenthood Season 1

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Parenthood is the kind of show which will last for a long while. Based on the 1989 movie of the same name, Parenthood is about a large family who have to deal with random problems. There are a couple of good reasons why I not only started watching this show but have continued to watch it. The strength of this show comes in the actors.

We have Peter Krause who I have been a long time fan of ever since Sports Night and Six Feet Under, we have Monica Potter who was on the first season of Boston Legal, Craig T. Nelson who we know from Coach, Lauren Graham from Gilmore Girls, and Mae Whitman who played Ann on Arrested Development and was the voice of Katara on Avatar: The Last Airbender. Basically the story is what you would expect, a part of the family are screw ups, one deals with autism, one is a working mother and a stay at home dad. It’s a regular show and it’s been picked up for a second season, and I’m going to keep watching it, but I can’t really recommend it to anyone unless they love them some Peter Krause.

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