EA Gives You More Battlefield Than You Could Ever Want

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EA Pwnd has just released another video, and this time it’s all about Battlefield.

It’s no secret that I’m a huge Battlefield fan, playing since the release of 1942 I have been desperately awaiting a new release of a true Battlefield on PC and EA Pwnd has the cure for my battlefield itch

There’s a little bit of new information here such as the animations, sound engine, and some changes happening to the ways players interact with each other like the new way they’re bringing the sniper into group play.

My favorite part is where they look back on the older battlefield games and discuss what they’ve learned about the shooter genre from those games.

From the imagery, sounds, maps, and gameplay, there is a ton of info here. Add a cute girl with an accent, some guns, and European dudes with manly beards and you have the best advertisement for Battlefield ever.

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