Duke Nukem IP Bought By Gearbox

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Only a few days after Duke Nukem Forever, the very definition of development hell, was unveiled to be coming back under Gearbox Software (Borderlands, Brothers In Arms), the developer announced yesterday that they have purchased the Duke Nukem IP after making a deal with original developer 3D Realms.  All future projects involving Duke Nukem will now come under the Gearbox name. The new ownership begins with Duke Nukem Forever, which is now expected in 2011 for PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 and is currently being polished after a VERY lengthy development period.


It’s certainly been an odd weekend. Last year it looked like development on Duke Nukem Forever was finally dead in the water, as the development team was lost as part of 3D Realms downsize and Take Two were suing them for failing to finish development on the game. However, everyone was partying like it was 1998 on Friday when Gearbox revealed that they were now in control and finishing the long awaited game. The audience is certainly there for it, from our own Ryan Wilson, who will buy 2 copies (one for historical relevancy) to the likes of myself. Duke is before my gaming time (Any Duke Nukem related donations to Steam name JGibbo08) , but I’m playing Borderlands at the moment and thoroughly enjoying it so I’m cautiously optimistic about DNF. And of course, there’s the fans who have been 12 goddamn years for this game to come out. With this purchase, it looks like a new beginning for the FPS franchise. As they say, always bet on Duke.

(PS: I wonder if Gamestop will honour that reciept?)

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