Ryan Thomason

Dragon’s Dogma – Griffin Battle Gameplay Trailer

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Yes, it is I, Bigbrusr The WPR NOT A Gamer. I used to be one though, if that still offers me any credibility. I can still tell when a game looks cool, because damn, this just looks freaking cool. I don’t think we’ve even mentioned this game before from Capcom, and it saddens me.

When you have guys that worked on Resident Evil and Devil May Cry, you have to assume they know how to bring the action. Dragon’s Dogma is set it a huge open world and bills itself as a action combat game as you pay in a party of three. Combat comes down to how you play, where you strike, and how you react to attacks. What got me interested is when I read that everything from the weight of your weapon, the material of your armor, heck, even the length of your legs plays a role in how you fight your battles.

I might have to clean off the three year old dust from my Xbox 360 and give this game a chance. Looks like this game should be dropping sometime in 2012, and on the PS3 if your prefer that console as well.

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