Dragon Age: Origins DLC Reviews

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Other Random Tidbits

blood dragon armor

For any other promotional items that you can acquire by either pre-ordering the game or completing the browser game Dragon Age: Journeys, well it’s all mostly useless junk. If you don’t have it already you are currently and forever will be unable to gain them without downloading a mod, or torrent.

Don’t worry about it or go out of your way to attain any of them, because you really don’t need them.

The only one you might be able to get is The Blood Dragon Armour. That is…if you bought the game new. I’ll say this, the only really neat thing about it is that it is the strongest set of armor that you won’t be able to equip for a good 45% of the game, oh and you can download it into Mass Effect 2.

The armor’s looks, however are a bit dumpy in the chest piece, and makes you look like a Cylon when you wear the helmet. The worst part about the Blood Dragon Armour is that you get the entire set for free on the PC, but on the consoles, it costs beaucoup gold to obtain.

*I’m almost done with this game…only Awakening, and Origins are left to review.
*The older Dragon Age DLC is actually the deal of the week on Xbox Live this week. Be sure to grab the Awakening expansion at the steal price of 20 dollars(1600 MSP) while you can!
*The stone prisoner DLC is somewhat connected to an infinite money exploit.
*Return to Ostagar was glitched out of the solar system and was delayed several times, and then further pulled after release due to massive bugs.
*Massive Bugs are quite common for Bioware DLC.
*I never used the Blood dragon armor in Mass Effect 2.

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