Dragon Age: Origins DLC Reviews

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Feastday Gift’s and Pranks


No…DO NOT buy this DLC, it is completely pointless. There is no reason to buy this at all. Much like Microsoft Avatar clothing, I can’t think of one good reason to waste your money here.

This pack is a collection of gift items for your various companions in Dragon Age, and for the most part, you are essentially buying one time use jokes that function like cheats and give you stupid items/weapons/equipment that you won’t ever use.

The gifts either increase or decrease your approval with a character by a whopping fifty percent. So basically, if you don’t actually want to…you know…talk to your characters, experience the story, or in other words play this game as meant, then you can use these items to get that accomplished.

As for the actual “hilarity” that supposedly comes from the pranks, the jokes are a meager “ok”. I’ll admit, giving the paramour elf a chastity belt which he can then equip, is pretty funny, but there isn’t really much point to it all unless you want to ruin your approval rating with all of your party members.

If you want to experience this content just watch people play with it on YouTube, otherwise this is a complete and total waste of money. If you need to have all the DLC at the very least by this bundled, because it’s honestly not worth the money.

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