Dragon Age: Origins DLC Reviews

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The Stone Prisoner

stone prisoner

The Stone Prisoner is a part of EA’s “project 10 dollar” (Although in this case it’s fifteen dollars), so if you bought Dragon Age brand new you get a code to download this content for free. The included content is essentially a new party member (a Golem named Shale) and a mission relating to their past.

Unlike a certain other character in a Bioware game (cough…cough…Zaeed) that you can download on the first day, The Golem Shale feels like an actual part of the party. You can converse with it, and give it gifts to increase its approval rating. It feels like a legitimate part of your team, admittedly the fact that Shale is yet another variation of the warrior class in a warrior heavy party is slightly disappointing…but like Dog, Shale feels like it’s own class in spite of this.

Oddly, I found myself considering Shale one of my favorite characters in the game. It is a really funny character, and it even references my favorite movie of all time.

As for the missions included, you get two, the first being a short mission where you pick Shale up, and a second that oddly enough is reminiscent (although it is a precrosor) to the loyalty missions in Mass Effect 2. It’s short, sweet, and a touching mission that provides some interesting visuals and some grade A character development for Shale.

It’s not surprising to learn that Shale and its mission were initially going to be included as a normal part of the main game by the sheer amount of love and care given to the character and design. In my opinion, this content is totally worth it. Do note by NO means should you buy this content separately, if you didn’t buy the game new, at the price of 15 dollars (1200 MSP) it’s practically extortion!

Fortunately you shouldn’t have to, I mean you did buy Dragon Age new…right?!?

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