Dragon Age: Origins DLC Reviews

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Here it is, the first of a maxi-set of mini reviews about all the expansions to the main game of Dragon Age: Origins, including Warden’s Keep, The Stone Prisoner, Return to Ostagar, the Feastday content, and more.

Warden’s Keep

wardens keep

Hooray! A day one expansion pack that costs money! And what’s that? It’s vaguely disappointing? Oh that’s just great!!!

The story to this mission is more enthralling than its simple setup would let on. You have to travel to a forgotten Grey Warden base that is overrun with demons and reclaim it. The rest of the tale however, is too good to spoil so I will let you unravel the rest of that mystery for yourself.

This DLC’s most important inclusion is the addition of a storage chest for any of your excess items (you would be surprised how useful this is due to tragically tight limits on your inventory in the main quest). The storage chest is really something that should have been bundled in the game right at your party’s campsite, but since it’s not…you’ll need to buy this DLC to use it.

That isn’t my only gripe about this DLC though, since the storage chest that is added, is only available at Warden’s Keep, you have to actually go there and suffer the loading times of this map every time you wish to offload some items.

There are also two new talents included with this DLC that are ok, although really only useful for limited situations, but I can’t really gripe since they give you them for free (with purchase), so there is no reason not to get them.

For those of you who don’t purchase the content, you will always have the quest giver at your campsite…who in a terrible immersion breaking conversation, prompts you to buy the content.

Warden’s Keep is way overpriced at $7 (560 MSP), but the included content really isn’t that bad. By no means should we have been made to pay for content that some would argue is crucial to the gameplay experience…I just feel that this pack comes off as a stilted money grab, and it’s pretty obvious.

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