Dracula: The Company of Monsters #1

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You should know, Dracula is not really in Dracula:  The Company of Monsters #1.  Well, Vlad Tepes is, in flashbacks.  However, there is no bloodsucking going on in this comic.

That may sound bad to you; after all, Dracula is the name on the cover.  Upon reading though, you will find that is a really good thing.

The reason for that is quite simple; the story has a nice leisurely pace that uncurls slowly as you read.  No, I wasn’t surprised at the end, but I did enjoy the characterization that was used to move the story along.  This first issue of Dracula:  The Company of Monsters is more of a Vertigo-like comic than a slasher flick.

I do not know who to credit fully for this:  Kurt Busiek (Astro City, Marvels) is the creator and is credited for the story; Daryl Gregory (Pandemonium, The Devil’s Alphabet) is credited with the words.  Sure, Mr. Busiek had this nice plan, but Mr. Gregory–in his first comic book work–seems to have done a nice job of following the blueprints. So who gets the accolades?

Also, the artist, Scott Godlewski (Codebreakers) does a good job here.  I especially enjoyed his flashback scenes. Maybe we will get more of those.

As always, it is hard to judge a first issue, except I will say I am interested and I will check out the next book.  I hesitatingly give this full price (BOOM! and there $3.99 cover price!).

Bottom Line:  $3.99/$3.99

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