Ryan Thomason

Does Death Take The Hulk? Marvel Preview

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Who the heck is Dei-Hulk, and is he the hulk just…emo? I don’t know what’s happened to the Hulk universe since I stopped paying attention to comics for a while, until recently of course. Hopefully some of you super smart readers who didn’t give up your comic drug fix can fill me in. Either way, this sounds interesting as hell.

Fear Itself: Hulk VS. Dracula

Writer: Victor Gischler
Artist: Ryan Stegman
Rating: T+
Price: $3.99
On Sale: September 14, 2011

Witness the cataclysmic showdown between Dracula, Lord of the Undead, and Dei-Hulk that changes the life of the gamma-irradiated monster… FOREVER!

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