Divinity 2: Ego Draconis – first taste courtesy of PAX

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Now as most probably did, I originally walked past the CDV booth while it was up at PAX.  Seeing such cutesy games such as My Little Baby and odd DS puzzle games like that of I Heart Geeks, I held no faith that they would produce anything for non-casual gamers.   Then, my eye caught a sign displaying an intriguing piece of artwork and the title Divinity II: Ego Draconis.  After allowing this image sink in, I decided to hunt for information.  That search didn’t last long, especially after I got a hold of Swen Vincke, C.E.O. of Larian Studios (developer of Divinity 2).  Swen told me quite a bit, good guy that Swen.  And, Divinity 2 is just as good, if not better.

Now most of you who set your eyes on Divinity 2, will spout that it is a Fable clone or even a Gothic ripoff.  Well, my fellow gaming friend, you would be wrong!  In what game are you allowed the freedom to transform into a dragon at will?  You did not read that wrong and that is not a fabrication, you can morph from Dragonslayer to dragon (once you have the power) at your discretion.  Go jump off a cliff and, while plummeting to what would be your death, transform into a beast of fiery destruction.  Sure, that would be enough for most.  But, what about the elite group of die hard RPG players?  How about freedom of choosing how most quests will end and customizing your character as you see fit?

The kind hearted Mr. Vincke displayed so much during such a short amount of time.  A quest that can be completed within the first moments of playing game, that has both good and evil chosen endings.  But, that has gotten old at this point gaming.  Divinity 2 offers a wide variety of choices for players so that they can dwell in that mysterious grey area.  Should you decide to spend the experience points to mind read the local blacksmith, not only will you be informed of a connection between said blacksmith and a local lady but he will also lower his prices.  Go ahead, visit the woman and see what she has to say.  Not much as it would seem, but she does have a task for you to complete, in the form of a letter needing to be delivered to the aforementioned blacksmith.  You can also spend some of those precious experience points and read the lady’s mind like a book.  You can catch her thinking of a key held within her home, and this key is highly important.  After finding the married woman’s home, hopping a box or two to acquire the key, using that key to open the cellar, and you will come across a little treasure.  The letter writing lady’s husband’s journal.  Inside is information pertaining to a murder committed by the man brought about by a love affair.  Now is a good time to open the letter handed to you, if you wish to.  The information found on the letter is about the wife having an affair with the blacksmith and her wish to leave her husband to spend her days with the blacksmith.  Now you can snitch on the husband to the guards in regards to the his murderous ways, allowing everyone to live happily ever after.  Or, you can blackmail the wife.  You could take a really rotten way and hand over the letter to the husband, who then gives his wife the boot and this also causes the blacksmith to raise his recently reduced prices.  All that in just one quest, just imagine what other quests could provide such creative paths to carve within your unique game.


There is so much more within Divinity 2, that I could talk for hours about the game.  But, nobody here has that kind of time.  So here is a quick sum up, just for you!  You can collect body parts which can be reformed into a powerful creature that follows and fights by your side.  Armor that can be attained solely for improving your dragon form.  Taking down flying fortresses single handedly, or rather on two wings, as you scorch other enemy units in mid-flight and burn down your opponents defensive buildings.  The usual content found within RPG’s – leveling up through slaughtering bad guys and completing quests, discovering rare equipment, learning and using powerful magic spells, etc. – is easily contained within this discretely daunting game disc.  Go now, pre-order Divinity II: Ego Draconis for either the 360 or PC…don’t make me fly to your fortress and unleash my deadly breath upon it.  Now worries, I can’t breathe fire yet, but man my garlic breath can turn a stomach or two!

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