James Helsby

Dish Network bought Blockbuster

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Are all my disks going to turn into dishes?

Can you believe that Blockbuster was sold? At auction? For only $228Million in cash?

I can’t. But Dish network was able to buy up Blockbusters remaining assets for that amount. Including 1700 retail locations. Lets break down the math a bit.

228,000,000$ / 1700 = 134117.6470588235 per location. And that also includes all the disks at that location. Lets say 10,000 disks per location

134117 / 10000 = $13.00 per disk.

I can’t even get that good of a price through Amazon.  But the purchase will also include what ever vestige of Blockbusters failed video streaming service is left over. And that is probably the main reason that Dish wanted it. Dish will have access to an infrastructure that it can use to augment it’s current satellite service, and provide various video on demand features.


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