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Disgaea D2 Finally Has International Release Dates

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Disgaea D2The sequel to Disgaea: Hour of Darkness is finally leaving Japan.

NIS America has just announced the release date for the next PlayStation 3 Disgaea title, fully titled Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness, will be October 8th in the United States and September 27th in Europe. As the name gives away, this game will see the return of demon protagonist Laharl, his not-so-loyal subject Etna, and Fallen Angel. While this isn’t quite the Disgaea 5 everyone expected, the game does have its share of new features, including monster mounts, a personality system, student/pupil boosts, and relationships, as well as the usual new character classes.

If you’re checking out the series for the first time, this is not the one I’d suggest beginning with, as this game is purely a continuation for the fans. For those people, I highly suggest starting with any of the numbered titles, as they are pretty self-contained and are available for a number of platforms.

Disgaea 5 was announced as “in development” at Anime Expo this year, but details are still a while away.

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