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Disgaea Coming to Android Platform for Free (Sort of)

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Now would be the perfect time to invest in a better battery for your phone.

NIS America President Haru Akenaga has revealed at the Tokyo Game Show that the company plans on bringing the Disgaea series to yet another platform, Android-based phones. The game, which the company has cleverly titled Disgaea: Netherworld Unbound, will be more than just a simple port of the first title (a point that the company proved when bringing the first game to both the DS and the PSP). In fact, the mobile title marks the company’s first venture into some very ambitious territory for the series: free-to-play.

Yes, you heard me right, free-to-play.

Nippon Ichi is taking a hint from the MMORPG genre and trying an in-game transaction approach to the game. More than 30% of the game will be available for free (which on a Disgaea game is still many hours of gameplay), perfect for first-time players who want to see what the series is all about. Those who wish to experience the game in all its glory (including the infamous ‘horse wiener’) will have to throw in a little green, though NIS America has been tight lipped on how much the content will cost.

Expect more details on Disgaea: Netherworld Unbound as its late 2011 US release approaches.

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