Ryan Wilson

Dino Run SE is Out NOW!

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The world’s greatest race against extinction game has returned!

For only three shiny pebbles, you can net yourself a copy of Dino Run SE, the downloadable special version of the popular Flash game by PixelJam. The game, which will run on any of the major three operating systems (PC/Mac/Linux), features some serious upgrades to its Flash counterpart, including:

– Fullscreen support
– A brand new multiplayer server for runs of up to 4 players
– A new mode for people who want more of a challenge, Planet D:
– Brand new multiplayer maps and speed runs

As an added bonus, those who order the game now receive the full soundtrack. Even bonusier (look it up) is the fact that the profits will go to the development and completion of future PixelJam titles: such as Glorkian Warrior (featuring the styles of my favorite comic artist/musician, James Kochalka) and Gamma Brothers 2!

If you’re not familiar with the original, do yourself a favor and play it, then plop down some money. It will be the best three bucks you’ll spend this week.

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