Alan Smithee

Dinner for Schmucks – Trailer

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I can only wonder what he's lauging at...

What do you get when you’ve got an up-and-coming executive (Paul Rudd), who wants to climb his way to the top of the corporate ladder, but is being held back until he attends his boss’s monthly “Dinner for idiots” with his newfound idiot friend Barry (Steve Carell)? You’ve got Dinner for Schmucks.

Each guest that attends the dinner for idiots must bring with them one of the finest examples of the worst in humanity. If the duo of Carell and Rudd isn’t enough for you, let’s just throw into the mix a heaping helping of bearded Zack Galifianakis (The Hangover) and Ron Livingston (Office Space), and sprinkle it with a little, hopefully real little bit of infamous puppeteer Jeff Dunham.

Just from the preview, this movie has my money. I’m honestly looking forward to this one.

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