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Devil May Cry Film Rights Nabbed by Screen Gems

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Ladies and gentlemen who love videogames but hate videogame based movies, prepare your mouth to make farty noises because the movie rights to make a Devil May Cry movie series were just picked up by the same studio who releases Resident Evil. Feel free to blow raspberries at the screen at any time reading this.

You have to hand it to them, they turned a somewhat epic game series into a movie franchise that has scored themselves about 700 million. Considering the fact that each movie makes roughly 3x what it cost to produce, they know their audience and who will pay for this schlock. Now they hope to do the same thing with the ridiculously over-the-top series Devil May Cry.

The script is being penned by none other than Kyle Ward who wrote the screenplay for the Kane & Lynch movie that just started pre-production.

I give Screen Gems a hard time, but I have to say that I actually enjoyed the first Resident Evil movie, so there’s hope that I’ll enjoy at the very least, the first installment of what is sure to become another long-running cash cow for the company.


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