Destructoid Bloke Singing For Charity

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Here at Media Whore Network, we are self-admitted whores, but goddammit, we’re whores with hearts. That being said, the good folks over at Destructoid are raising money for SarcasticGamer’s Extra Life charity, which benefits the Texas Children’s Cancer Center in Houston, Texas. In a manner that makes us proud, Destructoid isn’t just asking for money to donate, but they are whoring their Review Editor, Jim Sterling, out for the moolah. If Jim can get 2,500 quid $5,000 pledged, he has committed to not only play SingStar for 24 hours straight, but to air it live in some kind of feed or another.

Whether you love or hate Jim Sterling, you’re bound to get something for your investment: If you’re a fan of myself, you get to see me doing something great for charity and can have a laugh and all that bollocks. But if you hate me, you get to see twenty-four hours of this monocle-wearing git inflicting physical and emotional trauma on himself.

No matter what side of the fence you’re on, any money given is going to be worth it. Think about it — I might die. If you want to be able to tell your grandkids that technically you killed Jim Sterling, then give, give, give and make your dreams a reality.

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love it when large guys do ridiculous things for others’ enjoyment. If you don’t believe me, please remind yourself of the Truffle Shuffle. [Note: I can say this because I too am a big dude.] But, the catch is, Jim will only have his sing-a-thon if the donations actually reach $5,000. As of the time of writing Mr. Sterling has almost reached 2/5 of his goal, but he still needs a metric shitton more. So, if you would like a Get Out of Hell Free card*, head over to Destructoid, and from there to the donation page, and give some money, and try to live with only fucking one prostitute on Thursday night instead of the regular threesome.

*Donation might not actually secure you from the bowels of Hell.

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