Demo Daze – Overlord 2

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Overlord 2 is the sequel to the poor selling but critically acclaimed game Overlord which was released in 2007.  The game has you controlling a character known only as ‘The Overlord’ as he rises up from the hellish underground and uses his minions to take control of the land above.  The demo for Overlord 2 was released for  the Xbox 360 and PSN last week.  Hit the jump for my impressions of the game.

Despite my interest in the premise, the original Overlord slipped me by and got confined to the list of games that I wanted to play but probably never would, so I was really excited when I heard that a sequel was in the development.  The premise of the game is simple, you are the Overlord, a master of evil who is raised by goblins underground and you will lead them as they invade the lands above.  Whilst you control the Overlord the emphasis is more on you directing your minions to what you want them to fight or take on and as the game progresses your horde will grow as you take more and lifeforce from the land.  The demo gives you about 30 minutes of game play and seems to be the first level which is quite well disguised as one long tutorial and will see you freeing a yeti underground before following him above ground into the frozen tundra before fighting some Elves who resemble fantasy hippies.


The first thing that struck me about the game was how good the graphics were.  The visuals are bright and cartoony and it’s easy to distinguish your minions from your enemies and everything is drawn in such a way that that you can tell what’s good and what’s evil with a quick glance which is useful when things are getting a bit chaotic towards the end of the demo.  The dialogue is pretty funny at times, all of your minions sound like Gollum from Lord of the Rings, I kept expecting to hear some sort of reference to ‘my precious’ but unfortunately they didn’t.  The game requires you to harvest ‘lifeforce’, in the demo lifeforce takes the form of the seals; cute, fluffy baby seals that you have to direct your minions towards and have them batter the seals to death so that you can claim the lifeforce, suffice to say this is the first time I’ve seen this in a game and it shocked me a bit, until I realised how funny it was and proceeded to order my minions to get as many of them as I could.


For a linear game, I spent a lot of the demo wandering round looking for where I was meant to be going, whilst the game would show you where the yeti had run off to it would cut to a cut scene to do this and by the time you were given back control it wasn’t always clear which direction you had to head in.  That’s probably the biggest gripe I’ve had with the game and whilst I found the demo enjoyable and it’s definitely worth a download, I’m not sure if the demo enticed me enough to make me purchase it.  I can’t see how the game is still going to fun 10+ hours into it, I think it could end up getting really repetitive, I could be wrong though a lot of people seemed to really like the first game.  What did you guys think?

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