Defending Family Guy and ‘The Word’

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If you are a loyal Family Guy viewer, like me, you tuned into FOX last Sunday at 9 pm Eastern to watch the newest episode. There has been a lot of criticism of the newest episode, specifically with the running gag they made of “Surfin’ Bird”, a song by rockabilly band The Trashmen. The main complaint is that the joke ran too long and got haggard by the end of the episode. To the people who feel this way, I ask you, have you watched much Family Guy?

Family Guy has been employing long-lasting running gags for a long time now. Peter fighting the chicken?  Clips of Conway Twitty? Peter hurting his knee? Don’t decide all of a sudden that you don’t like what Family Guy has been doing all this time. I know you’re about to say, “Yes, but those were much shorter scenes.” Maybe, but they were also completely random, as where “Surfin’ Bird” is an integral part of the plotline in “I Dream of Jesus”, like it or not.

Finally, don’t discount the other jokes just because you didn’t like the main one. The Polio & AIDs comparison had me crying. The Office Space reference made me squeal with glee, especially with the Geto Boys song intact. So, if you’re tired of hearing about The Word, (I can’t for the life of me remember what it was) that’s understandable. But don’t say the entire series is going to shit all of a sudden just because McFarlane is using a tactic that he has been known for.

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