Deadpool Pulp #1

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When I heard the title Deadpool Pulp, the first think that popped into my head was, oh marvel is doing a Noir Deadpool. This is not the case. This is in fact a Deadpool comic done in the pulp magazine style of the 1950. This was a great decision, pulp makes a far better fit to the style and subject matter of Deadpool than Noir ever could.

The story is that a nuclear weapon has been stolen from the U.S. Government by a rouge CIA agent. The cold war is in full swing, and someone must prevent this weapon from falling into enemy hands. J. Edgar Hoover has decided that only a lunatic is capable of catching this femme fatale, Wade Wilson is that lunatic. But first he has to pass a psych evaluation.

This pulp style with intentionally “bad” art and the fact that it doesn’t take itself too seriously fits well in to the story. The art work appears to have been lifted straight out of a pulp magazine with the washed out colors and the uneven line drawings. The cheesy over the top story telling fits in well with previous Deadpool issues, while still giving it its own distinct stile. With the quantity of Deadpool books that marvel has been putting out lately, I have almost become desensitized to the antics of Deadpool, however A few pages in this book in particular actually made me laugh out loud. One of my favorite moments was when Deadpool was in a psych evaluation, when asked why he does what he does he said- “I do it because I like to kill people. And the U.S. Government was smart enough to give me a license to do so. So for that, God bless America.”

This book is $3.99

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