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Deadly Class #2: Meet the Enemies and Frenemies

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In Deadly Class #2, Rick Remender reminds us all how hard it was to fit in at high school. Marcus’ situation is all the more difficult because he is an unknown, with no pedigree at a school full of assassins. One misstep could result in more than just a few lonely lunches. It could mean his demise.

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Deadly Class #2 cover via

Deadly Class #2 cover via

Deadly Class #2
Writer: Rick Remender
Art: Wes Craig
Colors: Lee Loughridge
Publisher: Image Comics
Release Date: February 26, 2014

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In issue #2 of Deadly Class, Marcus has his work cut out for him at Kings Dominion School of the Deadly Arts. Being the new kid stinks. Everyone is trying to intimidate him or figure him out. Marcus is right to be skeptical. But, surely he can make a few friends here. Marcus has an enemy residing outside Kings Dominion as well. Hopefully, he can make a few friends at school by the time he faces that challenge.

In the atelier at Kings Dominion, Marcus gets a warning that his presence at the high school will prove difficult without a pedigree. He has much to learn before he can seek his ultimate revenge. In the halls, he finds out what kind of students he is up against—the kind that leave threats in his locker from the get go. Let’s admit that his class list sounds interesting, if not a little gruesome:  Assassin Psychology, Beheading, Poison, Hand-to-Hand Combat, and AP Black Arts. (Take that Hogwarts!) Lunch is the only time Marcus has any reprieve once he finds the “kooks and anti-social types.” Marcus definitely makes an impression on these kids. Small victory though. Marcus finds out that his first assignment in AP Black Arts is to find a vagrant that has committed some evil and become that person’s judge and executioner. And, this assignment is a team effort. Marcus gets Willie, of Final World Order, as his partner and must pass this class to stay at Kings Dominion. Elsewhere, Oakland Police are checking on a possible break-in. The cop finds a sketchy character with a goat, who wants information on the suspect of last week’s sting in the Mission District. (See issue #1 for the incident in the Mission District.) That suspect, is Marcus.

Deadly Class #2 introduces us to all the cliques at Kings Dominion. We also find out Marcus’ motivation for accepting the offer to enroll—he wants to kill Ronald Reagan. The full extent of Marcus’ new found life off the streets is taking shape.

I loved the set up for this story in #1. Remender changes gears with Deadly Class #2 and focuses on setting up internal and external conflict. He also layers the scale of conflict adding the teen drama to the social and political issues that put Marcus on this path. I can’t say much more about the art than I did last time. The art by Craig and colors by Loughridge have the same sophistication and power of the first issue. I’m excited to see the friends and enemies Marcus makes. And, how he wins them over or alienates them.

Recommendation: The Deadly Class story just gets more interesting. I put my comic dollars here and so should you. Also try Remender’s Black Science.

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