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Dead Space: Extraction Jumping From the Wii?

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Even the title screen for this game looks low resolution...Wii=Fail

Today, Visceral Games has released Dante’s Inferno. What’s next for them? A few days ago, we wrote an article about them not wanting to do sequels to Inferno (though we know that Purgatorio and Paradiso will eventually come into being), and that they wanted to focus on Dead Space II as their next project. That may not be 100% true.

Well it seems that us lucky gamers might get a chance to play a port of Dead Space: Extraction that will be headed to the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network. I say a port of it because they’re not going to leave the graphics as is, they’re going to be making it a “full HD, interactive horror experience”.

To you Wii owners out there that shelled out the $50 for the game brand new…I feel a twinge of pity for you because we’re going to be getting a better looking game for only $15. I’m stoked, I always wanted to play the Wii version, but I’m so dead-set against buying any games for my Wii. I’ll for sure pick this one up.

This is only a rumor right now, so don’t take it as gospel, hell it could be something that they’re planning on packaging in with Dead Space 2, but knowing EA, any chance they have to make a buck, they’re going to do it.

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