Dead Space 2 PC getting fully customizable controls thanks to disabled player

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Last week we told you how Visceral, developers of Dead Space 2, sent a signed copy of the game and a drawing after she complained on Twitter about her dog causing her original disc to become damaged and this week they have responded to the complaint of a disabled player by announcing a patch which will allow for full customizable controls in the game.

Gareth’s problem came from the fact that there was no way for him to map walking forward to a mouse button in the game natively. As his disability means he can only control games using head movements,  there was no way for him to properly play the game. Now Visceral have responded and have gotten to work on fixing the problem straight away. It will be included among a number of other fixes and once the patch is finished, they will announce when it will be available.

As cool as it is that Visceral have responded so quickly, this shouldn’t have really been an issue in the first place. Being able to map any in game action to a button, mouse or whatever should be standard, given that it can’t exactly be difficult to implement. If you’d like to try and help, Chuck Bittner, a quadriplegic stand up, has been campaigning for a while to make this a standard and you can find out more over at his blog. Again though, it’s nice to see Visceral responding to their audience, as many developers may have simply have ignored Gareth’s plight.

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