Dead Rising 2? I Certainly Hope So!

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If you haven’t seen the above trailer by now, then watch away. It seems like a very legitimate trailer for Dead Rising 2 that an intrepid source has sneakily filmed and posted online….or is it?

From the way the video is shot I can only assume that this is a very very well done viral marketing ploy by Capcom themselves rather than a naughty employee sneaking out a yet to be released trailer. Looking at the trailer you can see that the person filming it is alone and that there are no interruptions. The shakycam actually adds to the video atmosphere and the sound is crystal clear, not something you would expect from a handheld camera.

All in all I have to say I am impressed with both the “leak” and the actual trailer itself, killing zombies in a casino? BEST IDEA EVER! I cannot wait to give that gladiator / Zorb ball at 39 seconds in a try either.

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