Ryan Thomason

DC Should Just Stick to Animated Movies

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DC, THIS is what we want to see, Animated Films of THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS that Frank Miller and Klaus Janson created. Not a pile of crap CG Green Lantern and whatever else you try to work dump out on us.

Tthe same team that brought us ALL-STAR SUPERMAN and the upcoming BATMAN: YEAR ONE is working on bringing Miller’s Dark Knight Returns to the animated screen. YEAR ONE is already close to finished, and after that, they’ll be working on adapting TDKR. And we can’t wait, because if you’re one of the few who hasn’t had a chance to check it out (I literally did at the public library) this was simply an amazing comic, like, Watchmen amazing. I liked it better than Watchmen even. Hopefully they can piggyback off the Nolan fims and make it a theatrical release (It’d HAVE to be rated ‘R’), but I’ll be happy with another direct to DVD purchase.

Who wouldn’t want to see Batman beating the crap out of Superman to prove a point? Oh, and he did it MULTIPLE times, such a good graphic novel, pick it up NOW.

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