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Darkwing Duck #10 – Review

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The Masked Mallard’s adventures continue in the latest issue of Darkwing Duck, and I must say that the comic continues to impress with its mix of witty writing, pop culture references, and slapstick goofiness the series was known for back in the day.

Darkwing Duck #10 picks up with a bang and keeps on going. The story of this issue follows Darkwing teaming up with one of his rogues, Steelbeak. The two fight to stop F.O.W.L., the evil crime syndicate Darkwing fights against, from raising the dark lord Duckthulhu. Obviously, this comic is meant to be lighthearted and goofy, and it pulls it off quite well. Even with the silly sandwich jokes and slapstick humor, I found myself laughing out loud multiple times while reading. My personal favorite was a Beatles reference into a giant killer robot scene, which must be tricky, but it came off as yet another hilarious joke contained within. Like Darkwing Duck Annual #1, this comic series continues to keep the feel of the original Disney animated series while taking each comic series in its own direction. Though the Annual stuck to a bit more serious subject matter, and it worked great, the running issue remains lighthearted and it works.

STORY: 90%
ART: 90%

Honestly, there’s not much I can say about this comic that isn’t praise. The art style could be considered simple, but so was the original series… it looks like I’m viewing stills of the cartoon, and that’s a good thing. James Silvani continues to produce a great looking comic book that’s worth your collection if you are a fan of Darkwing. I’d say this is definitely a comic worth checking out. I’ve been enjoying the series so far and expect nothing but more gold from Boom Studio’s adaptation of this beloved franchise.

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