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Dante’s Inferno Dated

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dantes inferno concept art

Gamers everywhere will be able to get their hands on the video game interpretation of the classic piece of literature in the US on the 9th of February and in the EU by the 12th of the same month.

dantes inferno

The game finds Dante traversing the 9 levels of hell in the hopes that he can free his beloved’s soul from Satan himself. The game seems very interesting considering that each one of the levels of hell finds Dante facing different opponents and a end-level boss that is supposed to represent that type of sin. For instance, the second level of hell (lust) finds you battling Cleopatra.\

The description for the third level of hell itself has guaranteed that I’ll give this game a chance when it comes out “gluttonous demons, clouds of urine, and rivers of defecation,” sounds like hell to me, should be a fun ride.

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